Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hunter introduces himself (Peakswoods Goon)

Chibi Hunter: So, I'm supposed to introduce myself, as per orders from Daggry_Saga. 
Hello! My name is Hunter Hale, and a 33 year old man from the Rebellion. My hobbies include reading, writing, my work and my family. I was born the 29th of July in 1512, and I...
Daggry_Saga: Stop! You need to be a lot more entertaining than this. 
Chibi Hunter: Isn't it up to me, how I introduce myself? You gave this task to me after all!  
Daggry_Saga: But sweetie, you're boring people to death.

Chibi Hunter: You know you're actually a douchebag.
Daggry_Saga: I thought that was part of the job description of being a writer. XD 
Chibi Hunter: Definitely. You've done things I can never forgive.
Daggry_Saga: Perhaps, but don't forget the introduction! Tell us, what means the most to you.

Chibi Hunter: The people I love, for sure.
Daggry_Saga: That's nice.
Chibi Hunter: When are you gonna bring home Tahir and Scarlet? Or Annabelle? Or Donna?
Daggry_Saga: Erm... Soon-ish?
Chibi Hunter: You're the worst, you know that?
Daggry_Saga: Excuse me? BJDs are expensive, you know xD

Chibi Hunter: What a lousy excuse.
Daggry_Saga: Fair enough, but let's wrap this introduction up. What would you like to say to the readers of this blog?
Chibi Hunter: Go buy yourself a new doll, you deserve it!
Daggry_Saga: *sigh* That's enabling, and you shouldn't do that.
Chibi Hunter: Just make sure, it's an YoSD you buy!
Daggry_Saga: Well, that's all for now. Take care, people! <3


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Long time, no see

I'm still out and about on the big internet, but for some reason I haven't been blogging nor reading blogs in an eternity.

What have I been up to?
Honestly, not much. I'm still writing as much as I can, and I try to take photos every now and then.

I'm currently waiting for a Peakswoods Goon, who will be my chibi Hunter. <3
Gerda just needs a pair of urethane eyes, which I hope to buy in 2019. Chibi Hunter still needs, well, everything xD
I hope to pick up a wig at DollconDK, if I can find one.

Regarding DollconDK, I hope to get some photos, and if I do, I will of course share them.

I look forward to catch up here in our little blogging world. Take care! <3

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy new year and goals for 2019

As I mentioned in my last post, 2018 was a somewhat rough dollie-year for me. I will try my best to make 2019 better, though.
My collection has basically been started again from scratch, and I have had to reevaluate what I truly want in this hobby, and what is even possible. My goals will reflect that.

So here are my plans for 2019:

Pay off Volks YoSD Elena
My first full doll, since I started over! Maria was so kind to let me buy Elena on a very flexible layaway, which I appreciate a lot! <3

Gather money for DollconDK and attend the con again this year
Last year I didn't have much money for the con, but I still enjoyed it a lot. However in 2019 I want to be able to shop a bit. There were a lot of nice secondhand stuff, the artists who were selling their handmade stuff and vendors! I need to have a lot more money next time.

Finish Gerda (Volks YoSD Elena)
I hope I can prioritize finding the perfect wig, eyes, clothes and what's not for Gerda. I have bookmarked a ton of stuff, so I just have to gather the money for it all.

Buy one or two bodies for the floaties
I need bodies for Scarlet (Or-doll Sui) and Connor (Impldoll Alma). I want a Popodoll 65cm girl body and an Impldoll Star girl body for them.

See more of my BJD friends during the year
I succeeded this one last year, but I want to repeat the success! I love seeing my friends, and I hope we can share a lot more opportunities.

My list is a bit short this time. I hope to do a lot more than the above mentioned, but I will play it safe. 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Year Balance 2018 and Merry Christmas

Didn't 2018 just pass by too quickly? I could have sworn we were in January just a month or two ago, but it's this time of year again.
2018 was an alright year. Some good things happened, some bad things happend, but here's to hoping 2019 will be better.

My balance is as follows:

Attend DollConDK:
I did attend DollConDK, and I had a wonderful time. Most of the weekend was spent in the company of Maria, Noam and Maria. We got to see a lot of pretty dolls, enjoy the contests and have fun together! 

Buy alpaca/angora/mohair wigs for my dolls:
I bought a mohair wig from Natrume and I traded to an alpaca wig from Sugarycuppycake. I sold the alpaca wig, but I still have the mohair one. 

Buy urethane eyes for my dolls:
I traded a pair of SOULinaBOX eyes for a pair of ED eyes (which I sold), and I have bought a couple of times from Sprouty.  

Commission clothes for JIDs:
I commissioned Musume for my JID Violet, but both the clothes and the doll has been sold, except a a few pieces I have yet to sell. However, the clothes were very nice and wonderful quality.

Pay off Iplehouse JID Violet:
I paid her off, and later sold her again .

Buy a Youpla Olive:
I didn't buy Olive. I went back to the SD universe, so I don't think I will buy Olive ever. I might buy an Ophelie someday in the distant future tho. 
Buy a Youpla Ziya:
I did indeed buy Ziya, and she's probably my most favorite MSD I have ever owned. She posed like a queen and she was gorgeous, however I sold her, and now she lives at Lonni's place

Consider a Harucasting Maji:
I did consider her and I was very tempted, but in the end, I'm glad I didn't buy her. Maria/tjassi has a Maji, so I still get to enjoy her beauty <3

Practice more wig-making:
I failed this one badly. I almost didn't try this year. 

See more of my BJD friends during the year:
This one was a huge succes! I got to see my friends several times and I loved every minute of it.

Get back into taking photos (Maybe do A Doll A Month?):
I tried, but failed. Maybe I will try again at some point.
  Write my prequel to Larika in English and post it online for friends to read:
I didn't, because I decided to write it in Danish and eventually I will post it along the main story to a Danish blog. 
I don't feel I did too bad with my goals. :D

Monday, November 26, 2018

Magic of Larika (Lore)

If you're not into reading background stories and lore, you can skip this one.

So Larika is actually not the name of the universe in which my dolls exist. It's the name of the country where my current story is set.
 I wish I could draw you a map, I know just how it supposed to look.

Okay, so in this universe (which I have yet to name) there are three huge magical gems burried deep down into the soil of the earth. These three magical gems are the source of all magic, and the closer you are to a gem, the stronger is the magic.

Humans, as creatures without magic, soon came to envy the magical humanlike races such as faes and Isanus, so they started bringing up small pieces of the gems. At first they used them in objects to produce magical objects, but the humans longed for more.
They managed to liquifying  the gem pieces, which could be used by branding humans and if all went well, and the magic was correctly obsorbed into the body, the human would be able to do magic.

However, the process of the branding, the scars and the magic all put the live of the human at risk, so the experiment were limited to be used in the military of Karr and Etrinia. As for all illegal  practices there is a black market for these brandings, but the risks are often lethal enough to keep most people from trying.

The military from Karr soon learned how hard it was to make sure the new magic users would survive, but they discovered that a small dosis of magic could be used to create a "self destroy" mechanism in the girls. Every time a girl is captured and tortured to give up infomation about the military, she could activate the "self destruction" and blow up herself and whatever happned to be nearby.


I hope you enjoy my thoughts about magic in the universe of my story. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Annabelle v. 3

I have been given so thought about what dolls I want for specific characters. This post will talk about Annabelle Whittle.

A small introduction:
Annabelle is the youngest sibling of the Hale kids. Her mother, Yanavan, was an Isanu woman who fell in love with Jack Hale. Little to Yanavan's knowledge Jack was already married and the leader of a rebellion against the humans in Larika.
Yanavan wanted nothing to do with the trouble that was Jack Hale, so she fled with her newborn baby girl, but Jack found them and took Annabelle with him.
Annabelle grew up with Jack Hale and his wife, Kate, and their three other kids. It was an unstable household which shaped Annabelle and her siblings into what they are now.
Annabelle meets a young Karrian ex-military woman named Nneka. They fall in love.
When Jack dies from a fight, Annabelle's brother, Adam, is announced to be the new leader, and Annabelle asks him for help leaving the rebellion.
But when Annabelle gets a hold of information, that the government is slowly starting to realize the rebellion exists, she heads back to her childhood home to warn her family.


Annabelle used to be a Iplehouse SID Marien in light brown skin.

But after I changed some things up in the story, I'm considering going for a real skin next time.
At this moment, I have considered SID Zera, but it might be subject to change.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Plans and thoughts

I have been jumping back and forth between SD and MSD, and have gotten really confused in the process.

I know I want the Larika characters, so I think I'm gonna go for those as SDs. I was lucky enough to be able to buy an Ordoll Sui head from my friend, Maria, at a long layaway.
I want her to be Scarlet Hale from the Larika story.

I have had her as a Dollmore Lisa Rubik

Fairyland Feeple65 Angela

And lastly Dollshe Amanda

My own personal favorite was Angela.

As for MSDs. Stuff happened with a failed sales, so I had to cancel a layaway. It sucks, but it is what it is.
I might still buy a single slim mini, at some point, so I can buy cute pastel wigs and oscar doll eyes, but it can't be any time soon.

For a long while to come, I have to save up for the next Danish BJD con!
I look very much forward to it :3