Monday, March 12, 2018

No Spend, Plans and Prequel

Today is a rough day. I'm feeling down and upset, not without reason, but it's sadly a reason I have no way to deal with.

So in order to redirect my attention, I'm writing a blog post.
Honestly, I have no idea what to write about, so I will just ramble until I'm satisfied.

At this moment, I'm doing a no spend. It means I'm not really waiting for anything exciting, but it's fine, it's not without reason I'm doing this no spend. First and foremost, I have a con to attend to in April. I hope to make a blog post about it when it's over.
But more importantly, I have finally decided on what doll I want for Tahir. I have been considering quite a few sculpts, but in the end, I think I will go with Youpla Vlad in tan skin. I DM'ed Youpla asking about a future preorder and she said there should be another one in 2018, so I'm trying to clear my budget so I can afford him.

It should hopefully be my last doll in 2018. I need money to pay for a custom face-up for him, to which I have considered Angel Toast.
It'll be a hell finding clothes for him, though. I have compared measurements with a ton of MSDs, and I can't find any matches.

Camp NaNoWriMo starts in April and I have decided to write the prequel to the Larika story. I will probably write it in Danish because I hope I can somehow use it along the story project I'm already writing.
The prequel takes place 17 years prior to the plot of Larika and features character such as Hunter, Tahir, Donna, Scarlet, Damian, Nina, Annabelle, and Adam. There will also be characters in this prequel who is only mentioned in the Larika story but never appears, like Jack and Kate.
I'm totally pumped for this prequel project!

Have a photo of 31-year-old Donna as she appears in Himlen Over Larika.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gabby's Style

While I still only own just two girls, I want to focus on getting them more and more finished. Donna is coming along neatly. She has a bunch of clothes that I feel content with for now and she should have a custom alpaca wig arriving soon. I still need to find urethane eyes for her, though.

Gabby, however, I don't feel I have come very far with her yet, but I'm sure it'll change during 2018.

I have a Pinterest Board you can see. It's basically just things I find are Gabby alike.

Let's start with the wig. I have been considering this wig from SophyMolly. I feel like it would work for the inner concept I have for Gabby. I will most likely go for a shade of brown, still uncertain if I should go for dark brown or a lighter one. Donna is gonna have red-brown hair, so I don't want Gabby to have the same shade.

For eyes, I have have had ED eyes in mind. Not sure what shade of brown I should go for. I was considering a light brown since I have damned many characters with dark brown eyes xD

For clothes, I will have to commission. I highly doubt many people make tomboy-ish clothes for JID girls. Not that I mind, I think it's worth the hassle to commission people, because you get something that you won't see everyone and their mom have.

I have also been considering getting Gabby tattooed, but I still need to look for ideas. I don't want her concept for tattoos to be too similar to what I had for Connor.
Perhaps I will also add a septum piercing to her face. I need to check if my small rings/loops/whatever they're called are small enough.


Saturday, February 10, 2018


I'm currently waiting for things to happen, haha, so I thought it would be alright to tell a bit about what is currently happening.

I have an incoming commission from Cucudollfasion coming in the beginning of next week. Most of it is for the smaller slim minis (so for now, that means Donna XD). I'm super excited to get more slim mini clothes, even though I have managed to gather a bit of selection for Donna. Gabby still doesn't have a lot, but maybe she'll get more eventually.

I'm also waiting for Gabby's head to arrive back home. She should be here early next week as well. I so excited to see Gabby with the Musume clothes, at least not as a headless body XD

Next weekend Maria and her sister will come to visit me. We have planned to do an outdoor photoshoot. It annoys me that I don't have any jacket or coat for my girls, but I have to accept that is just how it is for now. I don't know if I will bring Donna or Gabby (or both??? XD)

That's pretty much what is going on currently. So let me close the blog post with a photo of Donna I took recently :)

Monday, January 29, 2018

First photos of Donna (Youpla Ziya)

No box opening this time. There was literally no natural light when I got her home.

The tracking wasn't working properly. I had received a mystery note from the postman that a package had arrived, but according to Ziya's tracking she wasn't out for delivery that day, so I assumed it was a small insignificant package. I stayed at home most of the following day, because, according to the tracking she was out for delivery. The postman arrived, but she only had my ramie fibers. I was super bummed out by the prospect of going an entire weekend before I could receive Ziya (yes, I'm very impatient), but I went to get the mystery package, which turned out to be Ziya, hahahaha xD

So I did receive her the day I had hoped for but in an unexpected way.

The msd body from Youpla poses wonderfully. Right from the box she could stand and do nice poses, but I could feel she needs to be strung a bit tighter. I hotglue sueded her but forgot to tighten the elastic, but it's alright, she still poses like a champ <3

I'm super pleased with her and I can only recommend Youpla. Not only are the dolls great and beautiful, but Youpla herself is a very patient and kind person.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Gabriela arrives~ (Iplehouse JID Violet)

I was stalking my tracking number for Gabby like crazy. I expected she would be delivered during noon, where I wouldn't be at home, but our postal system sometimes lets us sign an agreement that the postman can leave the package at the front door, so I did that.
Interestingly enough, the package wasn't there, when I got home, so I stalked the tracking number again, and it still said the estimate for delivery was the 23rd, so I waited, even though the post normally doesn't get delivery that late in my area.

But around 15 o'clock the postman left the package outside my door.
I ran to pick up the package outside the door and dragged it inside.

I apologize for the quality of the photos. They're taken with a cellphone and it was very dark that late in the day.

The package arrived safely.

I have no patience, it was so intense and I hurried with the photos XD

Pretty Iplehouse box!

The Violet head and the CoA. It was by then I realized the skin color seemed off. It was redder than I remember real skin to be, so I asked the seller about it, but she swore it was real skin. I wasn't angry since I knew she wasn't the first owner, but I also didn't believe her. I have had enough real skin Iplehouse dolls to recognize it by now.

The body is gorgeous, though. I love the style of Iplehouse's bodies, even if they aren't the best posers. However, this body has been restrung and is actually not that bad.

Her face is gorgeous!!

She borrowed some temporary eyes, a temporary wig and is wearing some boy clothes that was the only stuff I had that fit. The leather jacket could very well be her own, but the rest is just temporary. However, I have a commission on its way from Musume <3

Personally, I think I made a good choice for the character. She's so gorgeous.

The skin color issue got sorted out. I contacted the first owner of the doll (the danish BJD community is not big at all, so it wasn't hard to find him). He told me it was indeed peach gold.
Am I disappointed? Yeah, I wanted a different skin tone, so of course, I'm disappointed, but I don't plan on selling her. I hope I can make it work even though it didn't go as planned.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Incoming dolls~

I have managed to already be waiting for two MSDs for my new Mini!Larika universe.

Iplehouse JID Violet in real skin
She'll be Gabriela, the fellow guardian and friend of Connor who has gone missing at the beginning of the plot.
She's a strong, passionate woman who has an inner sense of justice. She's loyal, but also has a tendency to be stubborn.
I can spoil as much as she will fall for Donna ;) 
She'll come blank but Kanojo Kakumei will paint her. 

She will be Donna  Carter, one of the doctors helping the rebellion.
Donna is a cheerful lady, who is kind and generous but also has an unsolved trauma from a previous relationship. She thinks more about helping others than herself, so she never healed her own wounds. 
Ziya comes with both busts and a face-up by Pearls of Danube. 
I bought a pair of resin shoes from Youpla as well.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year and my goals for 2018

I have written and re-written this list at least ten times since I started making it. I kept changing my minds regarding what I want for 2018, but I think it reflects how I do the hobby, to be honest.
I usually screw up my plans, and that's okay. I still enjoy the hobby in my own way. 

I still wanted to create some goals, though, even though I know I'm impulsive and change my mind a lot. 

So here are what my final goals for 2018 are:

Attend DollConDK 
DollConDK is a new BJD con set in Aarhus, Denmark. It's fairly close to where I live, and my best friend, Maria, even lives in the same city so I have a place to sleep while I stay. I would have liked to participate in the exhibition contest, but I probably won't be able to this time. I do, however, plan to participate in the photo contest. 
Some of my friends have expressed interest in going to the con, so I hope I will be able to meet up with them.

Buy alpaca/angora/mohair wigs for my dolls
I have to admit, I have become a bit picky regarding things like wigs for my dolls. I love the feeling, the look and the styling of the more expensive wigs, and I'm a bit fan of SophyMolly and Amadiz. I won't limit myself to those two, I'm always looking for other wig makers to buy from, but many such as Frappzilla and belachixdollworld does super gorgeous fantasy hairstyles that won't match my concepts. I still want some, eventually, but I'm going for my "main" look for my dolls until I have them more or less "finished". 

Buy urethane eyes for my dolls
Same as being picky regarding wigs I'm equally picky about eyes. I love urethane eyes and I want them for all my dolls. I used to be a big fan of Dollshe eyes, but sadly they're discontinued as of current. But who really knows if Dollshe brings them back haha. Luckily, I also love ED eyes, Mako, Doll Bakery, SOULinaBOX, and many more. 

Commission clothes for JIDs 
I already know that dressing JIDs will be a pain in the ***. I know certain people, luckily does commissions for JIDs, and I feel ever so lucky my wonderful friend, Musume, does custom orders for JID clothes. I have already planned an entire outfit for my incoming Violet with Musume. I still want to commission an additional outfit for yet another JID, but I still need to settle on those details. 

Pay off Iplehouse JID Violet 
I didn't even notice Violet at first until Musume received her gorgeous Venezia. She's so stunning and gorgeous, so when I switched to minis, I knew I had to own a Violet as well. I quickly decided I wanted a Violet in real skin for my character "Gabriela". 

Buy a Youpla Olive
I saw the work in progress photos of Olive, and at first, I didn't feel any special vibes from her, but as I saw her with a finished face-up I could see her work as Gerda. She isn't 100% like Gerda's old shells, but I think it'll work nicely with a face-up that fits Gerda's personality and the Youpla MSD girls are 38cm which would be perfect for my little, energic girl.

Buy a Youpla Ziya
I might have spontaneous have gotten a Ziya on hold for January. I just couldn't believe I got the chance to get my hands on a Ziya! She's like a grail MSD for me. She is gonna be my character "Donna".

Consider a Harucasting Maji
I'm only listing it as "consider", so if I buy her, I won't fail, and if I don't buy her I won't fail haha. I, honestly, adore Maji, I think she could do a wonderful Charlotte.

Practice more wig-making 
I have been practicing making wigs with yarn, and even though it's tedious work, I actually enjoy it. It's fun and interesting to do, but because there's a lot of repetition I quickly lose motivation. However, I want to keep practicing so I can upgrade to alpaca at some point.

See more of my BJD friends during the year
I haven't seen people a lot in 2017 since I can't travel easily when I have my dog. But I plan to invite people to my place more often. Maybe even do a mini meet-up again someday!

Get back into taking photos (Maybe do A Doll A Month?)
I managed to do A Doll A Week so well for the majority of the year, but around fall I lost motivation for a lot of things, including taking photos. I don't think I will do another A Doll A Week, though. It seems too much at the moment. I think monthly photos seems a lot more doable.

Write my prequel to Larika in English and post it online for friends to read
This is a huuuuge maybe. I would like to write the prequel at some point, and since it won't be included in the actual storyline I think it'll be fine to share it.