Thursday, July 20, 2017

Planning Helga

I wanted to share my plans for a character in the story I'm writing, who has quickly become one of my very favorites.

Helga is partly inspired by Ari from Stasis and Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.

Basically, Helga is a happy-go-lucky girl, who joins the training to become a shield maiden, because she wants to prove to her family and herself that she is special, too, like her sisters. However, Helga has never learned a single thing about combat or sword fighting or anything like that. She is terrible. But she brushes it off by playing a goofball, which leads her mentor to think, she isn't taking the task seriously.
She becomes a very close friend of Ylva and Leif.
Helga is a dreamer and she believes in pure love. I'm still not entirely sure, what that will lead to though.

I have plans for ordering an Amadiz Snow Nymph in ash blonde or medium ash

I have a pair of light brown Mako eyes for her. 

I intend on commissioning outfits for most of my dolls, but seeing as it is expensive and I have limited money, I'm using a combination of spare parts I have that is suitable and sewing stuff myself.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Oracle

I wanted to take the time to share a bit about my Iplehouse SID Marien.

She got a face-up by Shin recently. I think it helped me separate the sculpt from previous characters, so she feels more like "Manael" now.

So who is Manael? Manael is the oracle of Wadrea, the country Ylva and her group travel to, to ask for an alliance. Manael can read the stars and foresee the future. She lives alone in her area of the royal castle and has little contact with the people living there. Generally, she's a bit awkward around people because she has been alone most of her life.

I guess it's fair to assume Manael lives a slightly lonely life.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ylva is home again!

Not long ago I received my three heads (Jessica, Marien and Lazuli) back from Spain. Shin did such a great job at the face-ups <3 She's so awesome to commission, it's always so easy and fun to talk to her. 
My favorite out of the three is no doubt, Jessica.

My MC Ylva :3 

Ylva is basically a girl full of self-doubt. She has self-esteem issues, partly due to her upbringing and partly due to her experience back when she went to fight with the other Vikings, but she ended up running back home. 
But Ylva wants to follow her dream of becoming a shieldmaiden like her mother, so she ends up applying for the training again. 

I look forward to writing more about her (and the other characters). I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo atm, and it's going alright. Wish me good luck for the rest of the month, though ;) 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Amadiz has finally caught my attention

It's no secret, I have been in love with Amadiz's wigs for a while, but their dolls have sadly never caught my attention.
Then they went and released their boy body, and holy mother of *****, I love it.
Go here to look:

This is what Amadiz wrote: We wanted to create a doll that exists outside the stereotyped framework of how a man should be. This is a reminder that all people are different and beauty is in every person. Every person has the right to self-determination and can look like he or she likes.

I'm so so SO happy to see BJD artists recognize that beauty comes in different flavors. I still have complains about general representation in BJDs, but this made me happy.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Welcome home Haru, Hotaru and Momo-chan (Maya, Lycee and Minami)

So my Pure Neemos arrived. I originally thought I should sell them since I feel so overwhelmed by BJDs and Pure Neemos (I just can't collect something casually!) but I thought they were so cute, so I'm not gonna sell them, in case I regret it. So I hope I can calm down and collect much, much slower.

Meow Meow Maya. Her name is Haru.
She's an energic and spontaneous girl. 

Meow Meow Lycee. Her name is Hotaru.
Hotaru is a rich girl, who is a bit awkward around people. 

Alice's Tea Party Minami. Her name is Momoko. (Which I know Alejandra finds funny XD)
Momo is a sweet, but worrisome girl.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Just a quick update

Hi~! Long time no see!

I didn't forget about my blog, but my life has been very up and down the last... Well, let's just say for a while OTL 

I still feel very confused about my dolls. I don't plan on changing universe (again xD;;) I just still need to figure it all out. 

Regarding Pure Neemos, I'm hopelessly confused. I want a concept. I don't know how to have dolls, just for the sake of owning them. But I can't find a concept I like. :c Any help would be appreciated and rewarded with internet-hugs. 

Manael (SID Marien) and Ylva (EID Jessica) are with my dear friend, Kanojo Kakumei, in Spain. Soon Leif (LLT Lazuli) will join them, and they'll be back home soon with brand new face-ups :) 
I'm very happy that Shin of Kanojo Kakumei wanted to do a somewhat bigger trade with me. 

I hope it won't be too long until I can gather some coherent thoughts and blog again :3 

Until then here's a photo of Khara:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Changes for my dolls and myself

As some of you may be aware of, I have had a terrible writer's block for a while.
I was thinking some major changes might be able to make my creative juices flowing again. So I have paused my Larika story for now. I hope I will write it someday.
I have another story being created from scratches. And I'm using it for my BJD universe.

So I want to share, what I have so far.
It's a fantasy story inspired by the Viking age. So inspired by our world around year 800-1000 A.D.
I'm not aiming for historical accuracy since it's a fantasy, but I really like the Viking age, so I thought I would take some inspiration from it.
As usual, I will try and see if I can write a multiple viewpoint story.
The story isn't very developed yet. So I don't feel confident sharing the ideas, as they might very well change.

So far I have some vague concepts for my dolls, but I know a bit about my IH Jessica.

Her name will be Ylva Ragnasdatter, she'll be the daughter of a legendary famous shieldmaiden called Ragna, who has passed away. Ylva wants to become a hero like her mother, but in her first and only battle, she fled the fight and has been a laughing stock for the village ever since.
She intends to prove to the people of her country and herself that she isn't a coward, so she joins a journey across the ocean to a different continent that is known to be hostile towards her people, in order to seek an alliance against yet another country they have been fighting for decades.

Also, I'm changing my name back to Lise.
It's rather complicated, but I know people don't see me as anything other than a girl, and by enforcing the name "Nikki" I challenge people (in real life mostly) and they take this as an invitation to completely disregard my gender and identity. I don't want to be optimistic and live in hope that people will suddenly understand, so that's it. I will endure it, as I always have, but this time I won't be living in a fake hope of understanding.