Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dollgru #12

So I ended up buying the Dollgru head, I talked about in my last entry. Thanks to Dollgru's new pictures, I was so unsure if I should go for a girl or boy (if boy, I wanted the head in white skin), but I decided to stick to my original plans. She's still gonna be Nadine.

Sadly, I have very little clothes fitting for Nadine. :( But me and my bestie have talked about doing mini GO from Tata. I need the new pretty dresses they have. In white, black and red. White for Ainan, black for Nadine and red for Estelle.
Also I need glasses for Estelle and Enki.
And I'm considering this one for Estelle too.

Also I'm in a GO for urethane eyes from ED. I'm getting a pair for Rose.

That's pretty much everything I'm planning dollwise right now.


  1. Hello, I am looking for mold №12, do you plan to sell?

    1. Sorry, no I don't plan on selling her, but good luck finding one. It's a gorgeous sculpt.