Monday, October 8, 2012

Goodbye Rose and hello Scarlet

But it's only a temporary goodbye though.
I have wanted to get a white skin Vesuvia for Rose instead of a Heliot for a long time, and I put up Heliot for sale. A danish girl contacted me about trading, and I couldn't resist her offer.
A Dollmore Model Doll Lisa Rubik, A Bobobie Tiah and a Pullip + clothes, eyes, wigs and shoes. I've wanted a project doll badly recently and Bobobie has been one of the candidates. I want to try my hands at modding and face-upping.
The Lisa Rubik is gonna be one of my newest characters "Scarlet". She is a confident, sexy lady who spends her time as a torturer in team IS together with Hunter and Tahir.
Lookwise she'll probably be a redhead, have a sexy face-up and wear revealing clothes.
I just hope I can pull of a sexual female character without being sexist.

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