Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To buy or not to buy

Yes, I am in this dilemma yet again. Iplehouse released a new limited doll, that fits my character Robin sooo well, and she is limited, so I have to buy her now or wait for her to become available in the CDS.
But I also want the daggers they're offering and I don't know if they'll ever become available outside this release.
I could probably afford her on a layaway, and my mother is totally in love with her too, but I just don't know. Do I go for her or not? I should be ordering a Popodoll body instead, because Andrew is just a head, but the body is not limited so I could easily wait until after Christmas.
I have a SOOM Ai for sale, if just someone bought her, I could allow myself to do it, but no one's buying her yet. Maybe I'll lower her price a little tonight and see. Even a layaway would be okay, I just need someone to buy her.
But I'll been looking for wigs and eyes for Nadine, who'll soon be here, and for Robin (if I get her) and I've found some really pretty For My Doll wigs on 9Ninestyle. Plus ED eyes. God, I love ED eyes.
I really wanna buy Robin, seeing as she is the main character, it could be so much fun. Plus Gerda would get her BFF and that would be all kinds of awesome.
Luckily there is still some time until the order period stops, so I can debate this a while.

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