Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best weekend ever

So my bestie Tjassi stayed here for the weekend, and she brought along her two darlings, Trent and Melissa. Melissa didn't have a body, but because my Nadine was going out for face-up, I offered to lend her the Nadine's body. Funny thing is that both Melissa and Nadine is a Dollgru #12!
We had planned to get a lot of pictures, but everything was against us. The weather was horrible, no sun at all, and my apartment doesn't get enough light through the windows here in the winter. So I only got a little pictures of Andrew, and I'm not even sure, if the pictures are good enough to post, since I used Tjassi's manual lens, and I had no idea how to use it. So maybe the focus is all off, and I won't post any. If there is any good in between I'll share.

Also I just shipped Nadine and Scarlet out for face-up today. I have no idea when to expect them back. Last time I used the face-up artist, it was for Gerda, and Gerda was a bigger project considering all her freckles.

Tjassi and me was supposed to attend a meet-up in a couple of weeks, but it was cancelled. Today another girl on RG, made a thread asking if people wanted to meet in Baresso instead, so we might be going to a meet-up after all. I kinda hope it. I really want to go soon. I'll probably bring Gerda and Estelle. Who said I have favorites? XD
I talked to Karen about organizing a meet-up at my place, and she told me, I could use the shared areas, if I just asked the other residents beforehand. So next year, I might host my own meet-up!

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