Wednesday, November 21, 2012

December is approaching

And I'm planning my spending in details. One of my buyers said she might be able to pay me out in December, which means I have more money to spend. I'm considering getting Leekeworld's rerelease of Lion, because I adore the face-up. And the sculpt seems even better for Darin than the Little Monica Kliff I had planned.
If I go through with it, I want yet another Popodoll body, even if I'm not sure it matches perfectly. But for this character I want the 63cm body, since he's supposed to be my smallest boy (but not as small as Gerda XD) so Popodoll 63cm seemed perfect.
Hopefully next year will be for bodies and boy dolls. I've gotten up to six whole girl dolls, so I need some MAN dolls. haha.

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