Thursday, November 1, 2012


So I ended up deciding not to buy the Iplehouse girl. She'll come in CDS eventually and I shouldn't be buying stuff until after Christmas anyway.

Instead I'm looking for stuff to finish off my dolls, I need eyes for Nadine, Andrew, Scarlet and Ainan. Ainan is gonna be a problem, but I knew that. The other three will probably get ED eyes, unless I find some urethane eyes secondhand.
I need a wig for Scarlet though, and I'm considering one from For My Doll. I'll buy it through Nine9style, then I could buy some eyes in the same order.
I need lots of clothes too. I don't even know where to start. Gerda, Estelle and Ainan have okayish outfits, but Scarlet and Andrew have next to nothing. I'm a little unsure about Nadine, if she has something. I kinda have a pair of pants I think suits her character well, but I don't know if they fit. I'll have to try them.

I'm also looking for high heel feet. That's the problem with buying secondhand. And none of the companies sell heel feet seperately. And there no way my girls will have to go without high heel shoes!

It can't be too long till Dollgru ship the heads me and Maria bought. But I can't get in contact with my face-up artists, so I'm still unsure if she'll paint Scarlet too. :(

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