Sunday, November 4, 2012

New sculpts for existing characters

I know, two posts in one day. I'm on a roll, baby!
So I was never satisfied with the sculpts chosen for Martha and Damian. I just went with the best I could find.
But today I found some sculpts I'm feeling good about.
To Martha I've considered both KnK and DollStories, but none of them felt perfect. Today I got to know BeYours, and I felt head over heels in love with several sculpts. I ended up choosing Ceiba for Martha. I don't know if anyone remember, but Martha is Gerda's older sister. Techically, she is not in the story, she is only mentioned, but I still feel she is important, and I want to shell her.
Damian was supposed to be a Iplehouse Claude, but there were several problems. He seemed a bit too happy, the body was too buff, he would look silly next to Estelle. Then I found out about the event April Story is having right now, and I'm considering getting either Winter or Fall boy for him. I'm leaning towards Fall, even though my mother said he looked like a girl. Haha. But with the right face-up, I think it could work.

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