Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A new story in the works?

I'm constantly thinking about, what I'll write when I'm done with my current story. I hate to think, I'll just stop writing. But a couple of days ago, a new story began to form inside my head.
I'm thinking of making a prequel to the current story focusing on Martha. The new story will also focus on war, but will be much closer to my opinion on war, where as the current story romanticises revolution and standing up for one self. I think Martha's story will be more raw and realistic.

I tried making the 5 main character in anime faces. I know next to nothing about them yet, but I'll share what I know.
EDIT: I have names for them now.

Martha Lund. Gerda's older sister. She is a lot more mature than Gerda and more in touch with her feminine side. 

Ayo. Is the oldest of the five friend and the "mother" of the group. 

Sa'adat. Is the youngest of the group. Is very tomboyish and energic. 

Malika. I'm thinking she'll be a trickster character. 

Linnea. A shy girl. 

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