Thursday, December 6, 2012

New doll get

So I received my new boy today. I really hate receiving blank heads. :/ It's so boring. But still I like his face, I just wanna get him painted in a less-cute-more-manly way. Hopefully, I can get a slot at the face-up artist my bestie used for her boys.
The body though, is pretty sexah. He is definitely hunkier than any other boy I've ever had. (maybe because I've only had boys, not men)
Andrew looks... wrong on the body, but maybe that's because I've always pictured Andrew as a tall, slim pretty boy. It'll be fine for Damian. But Andrew is gonna stay on that body until Damian has been painted. (or I buy Andrew's body, whichever happens first)
I wanted to say this was my last doll related purchase this year, but I still have a payment to go on Darin. :( I want my badass, little pretty boy now.
And yes, I have a couple of pretty boys, but it's okay. With all the Iplehouse men I want, it'll balance out.

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