Sunday, December 23, 2012

New plans

First of all, I decided that my Infinitidoll Daniel did not make a great match for Damian, instead I'll try and use him for Matthew. So that's the plan for him. He'll still need a face-up, but I've considered if I dare try my hands at it myself.
Damian will instead be a Migidoll Ryu.

Also I have a biiig order waiting to be bought from Think Pink, if they'll let me split the payment into four payments. If not I'll just have to buy each item separately. I had considered getting Darin a Fantasydoll body, but there was two problems. 1. It does not match, 2. I would rather have a 63cm body for him. So now I'm back to considering a Popodoll body. I see no reason, why Andrew wouldn't be okay on a 70cm Fantasydoll body though.

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