Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tjassi inspired me

Tjassi posted about considering buying Fantasy Doll bodies for some of her floating head, and I found that idea so good, I'm gonna copy her.
For the same amount a Popodoll 63cm body would cost me, I could get both a 60cm and a 70cm body! I could finish both Darin and Andrew at the same time. It's tempting, damn it. And if I get sick of the bodies for whatever reason, I can always buy a Popodoll body, it's not like it's limited.
And the best part? I had promised myself I wouldn't buy Tahir until after my floating head had got bodies, and if I choose Fantasy Doll bodies, I'll be sooner done. :D

I asked Tjassi, who to buy after I'd bought Tahir. The decision was between Annabelle and Hunter and she voted for Hunter, and I'm also tempted to give into that. Damn, Hunter and Tahir together will be the sweetest thing ever. They're my only gay couple in the story, and my next story will probably be almost exclusively female, so they're a little special.

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