Thursday, December 27, 2012

To buy or not to buy

I had a plan for 2013, but it might have been ruined by some new infomation I got on BeYours dolls.
A Ceiba was on my wishlist as Martha (Gerda's older sister) and she wasn't planned any time soon, but according to some engrish on DoA, BeYours dolls might be limited, so I might have to buy her sooner than expected. Luckily she's quite unexpensive, but I'll have to pass on buying Jess for a while.
Hopefully the face-up artist who painted Gerda, can paint Martha too. They're supposed to look alike quite a bit.

I think I'll buy her as soon as possible and probably buy all the bodies I need after that. I just want to buy Tahir, but he'll probably have to wait until late 2013. ._.

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