Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trying something new

I randomly bought a pair of scissors meant for hair today, and since the wig I received for Nadine turned out a disappointment, I decided to take one of my old ones (in the exact right color) and try and cut it shorter. I've always wanted Nadine to have hair down to around her chin, shoulders max, but I haven't found any decent ones in the right colors.
The old wig I used was in less than great shape, so it's not like I ruined anything important.
I know it's not perfectly even, but considering I've never really cut a wig before, I'll say I'm rather satisfied. Nadine is gonna be using it, when she gets home from face-up.


  1. You made the wig look really cute! I can't wait to see Nadine with it.
    And Ainan looks surprisingly good with that wig. xD

    1. Thanks a lot! :) I'm also surprised at how well it went, considering I know nothing about cutting hair. XD
      She looks too good. Damn it Ainan, you have white hair, not brown!! >_<