Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dollie New Year Resolutions

I keep changing it, and I probably can't stick to it in the end, but why not?

1. Buy Tahir (Iplehouse SID Giorgio in real skin)
2. Buy a Popodoll 63cm body for Darin
3. Buy a 70cm body for Andrew (still uncertain which)
4. Buy a Fdoll girl body for Ainan.
5. If I have enough money, buy Hunter (Iplehouse SID Eric in white skin)
6. Buy a Sadol set for Andrew.
7. Buy the Volks SDGr Nono Winter Smile outfit for Estelle.
8. Buy new wigs for Andrew, Estelle and Ainan.
9. Buy a pair of Heel feet for Scarlet.
10. Buy more shoes.
11. Buy a god damn camera!
12. Buy some outfits from Freedom Teller for the new SID boys.

Will I have enough money for all this? Depends if I can quit smoking...


  1. Oh, nice resolutions! Hope you can achive most or all of them :D

    1. Thanks! I hope I have funds to start a layaway with Iplehouse next month, so I can bring Tahir home. :3

  2. I'm so excited to see Tahir! :3
    Let's see. *counts* 1 (maybe 2) complete dolls and 3 bodies.. I wonder if you can stick to that. X'D

    1. I'm excited too. He is my baby! :3
      If I can quit smoking, there should be money enough. The problem is, if I can control my urge to buy spontaneously. XD

    2. It was the spontaneousness I referred to. XD Not that it was very clear.. but whateves. ^^;