Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shelling the new characters as YoSD size?

I know it's a random idea, but what if I shelled Martha, Ayo, Linnea, Sa'adat and Malika as YoSDs?
It wouldn't be unlogical, as they start out as children in their story.
I would need to find new sculpts for all of them, but I don't really mind. And it would be a lot cheaper than shelling them as SDs.
And it would mean I could say fuck it all and buy Tahir instead. :P

Is it a bad idea?


  1. Cute idea to me! And if you ever get the SD version, you can use the tinies to be like chibis or something.

    1. Yeah, I shouldn't forget all about getting them as SDs, but I think I'll stick with tinies for now. :)