Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who should replace Rose?

No one here remembers Rose, because I sold her, before I even got this blog, but Rose used to be my SOOM Heliot girl.
I sold her, because I was sure, I wanted a white skin Vesuvia for her character, but I'm beginning to lose faith in ever getting her. I simply don't think SOOM is ever gonna release her in white skin.
So I'm slowly beginning to consider other sculpts for her.
Right now I'm considering Migma and Cuprit.
Which one do you think would be best? If it should be any of these two? It could be another sculpt.


  1. She was cute! Mmm, I thought in a Souldoll Zenith Paratiisi ( or Souldoll Double Juana ( none of them is limited, you can order them in white skin, and the body is visually similar to Soom Super Gem.

    1. Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I would never have thought to look at Souldoll. Paratiisi is actually a really good suggestion. I can see her as Rose. :) I'll keep her in mind!

    2. Oh I'm glad I helped! Paratiisi is gorgeous to me, but too big.

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