Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wishlist of dolls I'm never gonna buy (probably)

- A Dollchateau MSD.
- A Saintbloom tiny.
- Leekeworld Ariana.
- A SQLabsdoll SD girl.
- Zaoll Luv.
- A Pukifee.
- A SOOM Faery Legend girl.
- Many Volks limiteds.


  1. This is interesting. I agree with you with some of the listings.

    1. Now you've made me curious. Which ones do you agree with? :)

    2. Leekeworld Ariana, because I don't like the proportions, even if I saw some really nice customs of her.

      The "Many Volks Limiteds" because their price goes well beyond my limits.

      The Pukifee. It is... I just, nah. I preffer a Lati.

      The Dollchatau MSD. Even if I find gorgeous many of their faces, I'm not sure about the body.

      I hope this didn't bother you. I was just surprised to see that I agreed with some.