Friday, January 4, 2013

You're gonna hate me by now

Does anyone remember my obsession with the anime faces maker? Guess what she make a chibi maker! Which means I spend my afternoon making chibis of my dolls. Haha.

Gerda, who looks sooo chubby, because of the short shirt. XD

Ainan, who looks so elegant. <3

Estelle, I think I got her eye shape all wrong. :( 

Andrew, who I think have a Victorian feeling here. 

Scarlet, I love how she's all pretty and girly and then you notice the weapon in her hands. XD

Nadine, who looks more right in this version.

Rachel, and I don't think she looks right at all, but I can put a finger on, what is wrong.

Darin, my favorite of them all. He looks too adorable in this version! 

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