Sunday, March 10, 2013

A few photos

So I finally finished my layaway for the SD10 Sara and got her home. Charlotte is sooo beautiful in real life, pictures (especially my crappy cellphone pictures) doesn't do her justice.
I wanna post a bio of her soon though. I love her character. I don't want to compare her too much to Estelle (their parents do that all the time, and I feel like it's unfair. Both girls have strenghts), but she's more fun to write.

Darin is also a newer doll in my collection. (I wanna post his bio too, why am I so lazy?)
In this picture, he's stolen my friend's Souldoll body, because his own is still on order.
And no, before you ask, he's not a ghost. He is of People of The Snow, which is a human race that has developed magical powers.

Rachel is my cute girl. She's 19 years old and studying to become a doctor. She is a fangirl at heart and loves nothing more than to obsess over the women she admires. 

Estelle, whom you might remember, has gotten a new dress from Luts. When I saw the dress, I just knew it was perfect for her. 


  1. Nice pics!! I really like Rachel, she looks so sweet :3 And congrats on your new girl!