Saturday, March 23, 2013

Putting to use a random head

So amongst my floating heads are an Infinitidoll Daniel head, and I wasn't sure I could use it for anything, as it was not particularly masculine, but then I thought, maybe he could be a she?
I was considering using it for my gender confused girl Connor. I know people will have a hard time telling whether Connor is a boy or a girl, but that is kinda the whole point, so I don't mind making it a little more confusing by using a male sculpt.
I've also consider bodies for the head, and I found a Popodoll 65cm girl body. It should match decently and it has the right height. Only thing that needs changing is probably the bust, that needs to get sanded smaller.

I was unsure whether Connor was really a girl, or if she was transgender, but I think she might be genderqueer instead.
She has caused me to think a lot about her gender, but it's okay, gender is a pretty complex thing, so why shouldn't I consider it carefully?

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