Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New plans for 2013

The year turned out different than what I had expected. Having to sell dolls, rebuying them, needing more bodies were never part of my plans really.
So I might have to push a Giorgio farther out in the future. Sadly. I want him so badly, but I'd rather have Estelle home again, and get another SD10 (hopefully Swarrico again) body for Gerda.
I want Charlotte too, but she's not a priority right now. I'd rather try to get funds together in the end of the year for Tahir. It's still my goal to get him this year, but not until I have that SD10 body again.
I'm not planning any other dolls this year. I have lots of work completing the ones I have at home instead. Lots of them still need outfits, urethane eyes, shoes and wigs.
So yeah, the year has taken a funny turn, but hopefully it'll go according to my plans from now on.


  1. It is nice to see you getting your collection again. I hope everything turns OK and that you post lots of pics!! :D