Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ups and downs

It looked very dark for me. The future in the hobby. I had put almost every doll I own up for sale, and I couldn't even deal with the thought of having to buy them all again. I don't have a big income, so it takes time for me to collect these precious dolls.
So I considered quitting the hobby for good. 
But I just can't. One thing I love about this hobby, is that I get to share my characters with people, and that's so cool for someone who can't draw. 
My first goal is to get Estelle home again. A Miho should be fairly easy to come by. I just need to decide on Face-up artist. Preferably one in EU.
So I'm not leaving just yet. You get to be bothered by me for some time to come. ;)


  1. This is sad, but I hope everything will end up good for you!