Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Body for Darin and Nadine

Today I received my Mirodoll bodies. The white skin female one is probably being sold, as I already have another body for Ainan that's more posable, but now Darin and Nadine have their own bodies.
I've made a little box opening thingie.

The box was not huge, as I had expected.

Three not very big inner boxes. They had been handled ungraceful.

I got a little concerned, but the body were fine.

Darin on his new body. The match is.. awkward. But it'll do.

And a close up of his pretty face. Can you believe he is supposed to be a 26 year old man?

Nadine on her new body. She stole one of Darin's t-shirts, since she didn't have any herself.

Grumpy girl is grumpy!


  1. Congrats on the arrival!! They look great :3

  2. Damn FedEX for not being nice to your package! >_> But yay for Nadine and Darin getting bodies. :D

    1. I really hate Fedex. :( But at least I didn't have to pay any cusdom fees! :D
      Yay! Now I can finally bring them with me for real without borrowing bodies. :3

  3. Replies
    1. Even though it's cheap bodies, it's still bodies! And I can't stand having floating heads lying around. :>