Monday, May 20, 2013

Far-future plans

I wanted to talk about a doll, I'll not buy anytime soon, but I'm still excited about it.
The character I'm talking about is Skygge (Danish for shadow), who is my, so far, only non human character.  Skygge is Gerda's griffin. In the military Gerda was in, every girl had a griffin. In my story a griffin bonds to it's owner for life, and if the owner gets killed in battle, the griffin will return home by itself. So if a griffin returns, you know, the owner has died.
So Gerda got assigned Skygge, when she joins the military, when she is 5 years old. The griffins are the size of a tall horse, so can be intimidating for a young girl, but it takes a lot more to scare Gerda. She was more excited than frightened.
The thing about Skygge is, he was about to be put down, because he was believed to be unfit for use in the military. He would not obey commands, he had, even for a griffin, a strong will, and he had not been able to bond with any of the girls they had tried him with. But luck had it, that Gerda was the last girl to try to bond with him, and something magical happened, as he met someone who could match his will and stubbornness.
And finally Skygge was able to bond with a girl.

I had planned shelling Skygge as a chibi, because you just don't find a full 1/3 scale griffin anywhere.
I'm still waiting for SOOM to release some fantasy parts I can use. I need talons as handparts and some kind of puppy feets for lion paws. I'll probably buy some Alk wings and mod them for the back.
And I've been considering what color I wanted him painted as. I thought that the lower part should be some kind of golden to represent the lion part, but I'm not sure about the upper part yet?
I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. Nice character! It is, indeed a great idea. Let me brainstorm a little...

    I have found pics of griffin with the bird feet in the front, and may others with those feet in the back. So that is up to you... but, for kitty feet in a human dolly, maybe the legs of Soom Phonolous could be the ones. You should makeup them right.
    For the other case, the birdie legs, you could use Soom Euclase/Sphaler ones, again, with the right makeup.

    Lets try the hands. Soom Chroom could be the ones of kitty type. Soom Sphaler hands could be the clay type hands.

    You could comission the wings, or do them by hand... there are many tutorials out there.

    For the body, you could use Souldoll or Soom, to get a better match.

    The wig, maybe you can comission Heliantas, she does some pretty cool and big comissioned wigs.

    The head sculpt, I don't know :D

    Hope this help! I will try to remember more suitable parts!

    1. Wow, I never even considered making him SD sized. You have some great ideas! I'll consider them closely. :) Thanks a lot!

    2. Oh... you wanted him MSD sized? Em... lets try again xD

      Ok, you could use a MNF body. Why? I have seen several hybrids with soom, and the WS of both matches great. Besides, the soom Minigem legs fits wonderfull on the MNF body.

      Legs: Kitty ones, Soom Trond and Kivi. Birdie ones: Soom Nor/Dune.

      Hands: Kitty ones, Soom Trond and Kivi. Birdie ones: I could not found any. Maybe take a look at Impldoll, they look good MSD fantasy dolls. Or, you can get normal hands, and mod the nails to make them longer and look like claws. I do preffer claw feets, kitty paws hands.

      Wings: this are simply, many companies do resin wings. From Soom you can check out Tuff&Sueve wings. Or you can comission someone to make them from feathers and wire, so they can move.

      Head: if you use MNF body on beauty white, you have lots of matches. Narae, Unoa, Soom, Souldoll... it depends on your taste.

      Wing: again, you can comission it. I imagine one from Tibetan Lamb Skin. That will look great!

    3. Sorry, if I'm replying in a wrong way? I can't figure out blogger's system.

      I'm not set on whether to make him a YoSD, MSD or SD yet. It depends on what would be easiest. But I'll definitely use SOOM one way or another.

    4. Don't take me wrong! Please! I just wanted to suggest for another size too! I just assumed you will be doing a SD sized since I believe you mostly have that size.

      I only wanted to help T_T Hope you can get him!

    5. Oh no, I'm so happy for all your suggestions, dear! :) I'm so happy you want to help me! :3