Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gender and sexuality of my characters

I was searching all over the internet for clothes for Andrew, when I realized, my boy is way more flamboyant than I'd imagined. And no, he's not gay. He may be my most fashionable character, but if I should label him, he would be somewhere between straight and asexual. Maybe mostly asexual.
He just can't bother with the whole relationship thing. It's too much trouble.

This means I'm up to:
3 Asexuals (Gerda, Nadine, Andrew)
2 Bisexuals (Damian, Annabelle)
1 Pansexual  (Scarlet)
1 Lesbian (Robin)
2 Gays (Hunter, Tahir)
1 Transgender/Genderqueer (Connor)

Talk about trying to represent. I never meant for it to turn out like this, but I'm pleased.
Connor has been hard for me to pinpoint. I'm still not sure whether to say "she" or "he". More and more inside me, begins to believe Connor is miserable as a girl, but is that enough to identify as transgender? I don't know? What do you think?

Then there's Scarlet. She really doesn't care about the gender or gender-identity of her sexual partners, but I'm wary about writing her too sexual, because she ties violence and sex too closely together, and I don't want to use her as a violence-against-women fetish. I'm also afraid of writing her as a woman who only has a lot of sex, because she's had a bad childhood. There's some unfortunate implications there. I'll need to consider how to write her better.

I feel like, I have a pretty good foundation for the rest. They don't cause me worries. I've tried my best to avoid sexuality clichés. Hunter is less in contact with his feelings, but he has cute curls and are not the man in the relationship. Tahir might embrace the more female qualities, but he's tall and not especially girly otherwise, and definitely not the woman in the relationship.
My bisexuals are not "sluts" either. Damian do have some casual sex in the beginning of the story, but I don't think I'm sending a wrong message with him.
My asexuals all have different "reasons" for being asexual, none of them has anything to do with sexual abuse. Nadine do have an unfortunate experience with sex, but her asexuality has nothing to do with it.

So I think I have sorted most of my LGBT characters out. I still need to work on Scarlet and Connor, but otherwise, I'm content.


  1. Nice study on this topic! Never thought about this in my dolly plans. Well, I hope we can read a little of your writings! All your explanations make me want to read :D

    1. I have a huge interest in LGBT issues and is a part of the LGBT myself, so it just feels natural for me. :)
      It's different how much people care about such personal details in BJDs.
      I'm actually working on a story about Estelle, Andrew and Connor for this blog! :D Set in their early teens. I can't wait till I'm done and can share it!