Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Help me find a sculpt

So I knew I needed another character for Hunter's team. A girl who would work higher up in the ranks than Tahir, probably one of Estelle's superiors.
I played around in Dream Self to see, how I want her to look, and when I saw her, I just knew she was an Elizabeth or rather "Lizzie". But I've looked and looked for a sculpt for her, but I can't find any doll, that was right.
I want her to be around 58-60cm tall and if possible come with high heel legs.
She's supposed to look fairly mature, since she's 30 years old, but she's also kind, feminine, calm and cute.
So, yeah, please help me?


  1. Yay, I love to find sculps! Ok, let me do my best:

    From Souldoll: from the Double line,

    Rye, with another faceup and in NS:

    Juana, maybe, I don't know.


    Angell-Studio, from the 60cm line. They have lots of optionals, hands, feets...:
    Lan, she is gorgeous:

    Miss Butterfly:



    Iplehouse: from the nYID line. I could not miss this!

    Oliva: she is the more mature one, I believe. Could do the 30's perfect.

    Rexy: most young but cute.

    Emilia: I believe she is an in-between from the above two:


    I have more ideas, but I don't know if I'm heading in the right direction! Do you like any? I love the Angell-Studio ones!

    1. Wow, that was a lot of suggestions! :D Thanks a lot for taking your time to help me.

      The Souldoll girls are too small. I've seen a Soul Double in real like and they're smaller than a SD10 girl, which is supposed to be my smallest doll.

      I like the Angell-Studio ones, but if I remember correctly, they're made of french resin, which I don't like so much. :<

      But Iplehouse!! Do you know how weak I am to Iplehouse dolls? XD I simply love their style. Out of your suggestions I like Rexy best, but she would need a whole other face-up to look mature enough.

      Thanks again! :D

    2. Angell-Studio has both types of resin :D You need to choose the "solid" ones, and those are urethane normal resin, AFAIK.

    3. Oh, I didn't know. Thanks for letting me know, dear. :)