Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why do I even make plans?

Seems like I may have screwed up my plans again. This time with yet another head.
I found a Roserin doll Dino growth version head on DoA's marketsplace yesterday, and I got a bad case of "do want". Haha. But luckily (or unluckily) it was white skin, meaning I could fit it to one of my characters fairly easily. The sculpt would make a good Kalan. My little family would be complete!
So I asked if I could pay the head over two payments and the seller said yes. I'm gonna pay the first part on friday.

Let me just show you the head.
He'll come blank, so I'll have to find a face-up artist that can make him a mix of manly and kind.
I've also already considered bodies. Right now I'm considering the new April Story boy body, because it's 65cm tall, which is exactly the height I want for Kalan.

So I guess, I'm getting Kalan home sooner than expected? I have to get to know more about him.


  1. Such a pretty sculpt! I can't wait to see how he turns out and to see pictures of the little family. <3

    1. Yeah, when I saw him I just went "I need this head" XD With the proper face-up I think he'll make a decent Kalan. I actually think he looks more like my character than the Storm do.
      I wanna see pictures of my little family toooo. But there's still a lot to buy before I'll be ready. :P

  2. He is so cool! Congrats! I want to see how you style him!

    1. Thank you dear! :D I can't wait to buy his clothes from Sadol! I found the perfect suit there.