Thursday, June 13, 2013

Already tempted again

I was checking the BJD tag on tumblr as usual, when I saw Leekeworld had announced some new releases. They've chosen to re-release Arien and I immediately felt tempted to reshell Ainan into Arien.
Some of you probably know Arien from Cats10's Kaine. Cats10 made me fall in love with Arien, and made me see the possibilities of the sculpt.
One problem though. The body isn't exactly what I would prefer for Ainan, and Leeke doesn't offer the head separetely. I could live with it though. I don't need high heel legs or even feet. Ainan uses a pair of BTSSB shoes, that fits regular girl feet. It has double joints though, so that's a plus.
If, and this if a big if, I would go ahead and buy her, I would require myself to sell something first. To justify it. But I still have two bodies to put up for sale.
I would still need a layaway, since I haven't saved up any money right now, but Leekeworld offers a nice layaway, so that's fine.
And I would probably order her blank, even though Leekeworld's face-ups are lovely in person. I'd need Ainan to look older.

And I know, I was supposed to save up and stuff, but doll companies are just trying to ruin my plans.
Anyway, I still have some time to consider this. And I need to talk it through with my bestie too.


  1. I just saw Arien and she is beautifull. I guess that you could always sell the bodies and get the doll, because Leeke does not sell basics anymore and it is quite difficult to find any of their dolls -besides the little Ents or Mikhailas- in the second hand market.

    And it will be great to have a full doll with head and body. The makeup is lovely, but as you said before, you can always comission one.

    1. I know, she'll be hard to find again, and that's partly why I'm so tempted. She may be sold again another time, but who knows when that'll be?
      If I sold the bodies, I could probably afford a shorter layaway, I think I'll try and see if I can sell them.

      Yesss, I know I'm getting a full doll next month, but I just love receiving full dolls! I'm kinda torn about the face-up though. I don't want her to arrive blank, so maybe I should get the face-up and commission another one later?

    2. Well, it is kind of complicated. If you get her with faceup and it is not what you were looking for, you may have problems to bond with her, or think it was not the right doll, or something. I personally like the dolls that come with faceup. The same can happen if you order her blank and can't afford a faceup soon. Leeke does not do custom faceups?

    3. I think I've decided against getting her. My best friend shared her thoughts and I began to see the sculpt in a different light. Now I'm not sure she could make a proper Ainan. XD