Monday, June 24, 2013

I think I might have bought a random doll

Plans? What plans? You know, I can't stick to plans.
Haha. One of my doll friends showed me a Bluefairy Jerome extremely cheaply on DoA, and I just couldn't resist. I have some characters (from a completely different story) I have wanted to shell, but I had considered them as MSDs, because I would like to have some MSDs again, so I randomly bought this fellow on a short layaway. A deposit now and the rest in the end of July or when I sell some of my stuff.
I've been looking into Danish names (the story is set in Denmark), and I have one up for consideration, but I need approval from my friend, before I can reveal it. Haha.
I hope to get some TTYA outfits for him, since I want him to look like a young boy who's... well boyish? He'll be around 14-15 years old. He'll be the brother of one of the main characters (Emma), and while Emma is loud and bold, this boy will be more gentle and kind.
Another doll I've wanted for the story is the new Souldoll Soulkid Bonnie. I have no idea how to fit her in just yet, but I need her.

So yeah, I'm going MSD again. SDs will be my main group though.


  1. Yay for 1/4 size!! Congrats on getting another doll, I hope you reveal more info about him soon!

    1. I was so surprised I would get a MSD so soon, but I've wanted to get back into them again eventually. :P
      I can reveal his name soon. But I'll wait for some other news I might be able to reveal soon too. :D

  2. Seriously! You don't need my approval for every name you choose. -.- Even if I'm not too fond of the name in the beginning you know that I eventually start to like it. Just like Gerda. xD

    1. I know, I know ._. I'm just so afraid you'll hate it and hate the doll too. D:
      But yeah, you did end up liking Gerda. :D Both name and character.