Saturday, July 27, 2013

Favorite BJD companies

My taste in dolls tend to change over time, so this is just a list of my favorites right now.

5. Migidoll
Favorite sculpts are: Miho, Jina, Cho.

4. Elfdoll
Favorite sculpts are: Lydia, Vivien, Soah, Eun-a.

3. Crobidoll
Favorite sculpts are: Lance, Zion, Ys, Yeon Ho.

2. Volks
Favorite sculpts are: Lorina, Williams, Four Sisters, Souseiseki, Kun.

1. Iplehouse
Favorite sculpts are: Giorgio, Eric, Eva, Jessica, Arvid.

So what are your favorite companies and/or favorite sculpts?


  1. Very interesting! I'm actually a bit surprised that we have a similar taste in dolls (I really shouldn't be surprised because I really like your dolls).

    I've only got 3 companies right now:

    3. Elfdoll: Ruru, Vivien, Hazy

    2. Iplehouse: Lahela, Asa, Stella

    1. Volks: Ruby, Garnet, Lorina, Souseiseki, Amelia, Ami Ayase, Four Sister (SD and YO-SD),

    1. You have a great taste! Haha :P

      I need to look at more Rurus. I can only remember yours. I think Hazy looks like a very mature sculpt.
      Lahela and Stella are on my wishlist too. :D I love them!
      I don't know many of the SD16 girls, but I sure love Megu!

    2. Haha. You too :D

      That's funny! But then I've got two Rurus and I post pictures of them. You just don't see a lot of Rurus unless you're looking for them.

      I really love the SD16 girls. Doria and the new girl are very pretty too!

    3. I need to look around for Rurus! I really love your girls! :D

      You mean Ryo Narasaki? Or is there someone newer? I really like Ryo Narasaki. If I had the money and the character for her, then I would buy her. :P

  2. Lovely companies and lovely sculpts! :D I will make a list like this sometime.. if I ever will be able to pick my favourite companies. >_>

    1. Thank you. :) I'll look forward to seeing your list someday.