Sunday, July 28, 2013

Favorite face-up artists

I talked shortly about one of my favorite face-up artists once, but I decided I would post a list of all of my favorites.

Rakeru Sensei

What are your favorite face-up artists?


  1. Nice artists! The issue with Rakeru is that she works a lot on recast, and even customized a one to sell it, and I don't like that. Don't like recasts.

    I really like Andreja, Xhanthi and propertyoftheuchiha. Also Shaiel, I don't know if you have seen her work :3

    BTW, next interview of my blog is with one of those artists! I can't believe I got to do that interview!!

    1. Oh no, I don't like that either :( Is there a chance she would do something like exchanging your legit doll with a recast? Or is it still safe to use her?

      I know Shaiel! She has painted two of my best friend's dolls. :) They're SO beautiful! I love her style. :3

      I'm gonna look so much forward to it! :D

    2. I don't know that much about Rakeru, I stopped following her when I saw she painted recasted dolls and that she is pro-recast :(

      You mean Tjassi's dolls? I met Shaiel's work when I saw the dolls on Tjassi's blog! So beautiful! I hope someday to have a doll painted by her, she is so amazing!

      I came up with another artist, La-Tarte-Au-Citron, she is french. Amazingly detailed work.

    3. I need to tell my friend this, since she's considering shipping off a head to Rakeru.

      Yes. :) She's my dear, best friend. Haha. I love Tjassi's dolls! So beautiful face-ups!

      She doesn't have infomation in English? I went to her website, but it was all in Frence and I only understand a teeny bit Frence. XD

    4. La-Tarte-Au-Citron has almost everything in french but if you are on Facebook she usually post english+french in there!

    5. Ah okay :) I'll look for her facebook then.

  2. My favorite faceup artist is Shin/Kanojo Kakumei. Her style fits perfectly into the style of my girls and she's a dear to communicate with. She's wonderfully fast and the quality is great. I really love her.
    So far 6 of my dolls are painted by her (only the Elfdoll Vivien you're getting from me is not painted by her).

    1. She did do a great job on your dolls! :)
      Who painted Vivien? I'm just curious. :P

    2. Thanks! I can't wait to show you the new faceups she just did on my Rurus :D

      I'm not sure about the name of the faceup artist... something like Ferren or Ferret or Farran or something like that. It's a very pretty faceup. Definitely one of my favorite faceups on a ED Vivien.

    3. I can't wait to see them either! I'm sure they're gonna be so pretty! :D

      Maybe I can look around a see if I can find her. I love the face-up too! :)

  3. I love all the face-up artists you listed! Also love Angel Toast, Kappa, Shaiel and I know there's more, I just can't remember many of them. xD

    1. Nice ones you've mentioned! :)