Monday, July 8, 2013

Switching sculpts for a character

I received my Roserin Doll Dino Growth head. I absolutely love the head. It's gorgeous! But as soon as I saw it I thought "This is not Kalan".
I was in doubt, so I asked my mother and she agreed, that he just don't have enough masculine features to pull off the character. But I don't want to sell the head, because as mentioned, it gorgeous, so I began thinking, if I could use it for a different character instead. I have lots of characters that are meant to be white skin, so it wasn't hard finding one.
I was thinking using Dino for Adam. Adam is pretty manly. He is supposed to be my tallest character and being pretty buff, but he's a child at heart. I think it could work.
I was considering the Loongsoul's 73,5 boy body for him (NSFW)
I'm still just considering all of this, but I think I'll try getting Dino painted as Adam and see if it works.


  1. Wow congrats on the arrival! Maybe you can do a mockup on a pic of his blank face to see a potential makeup and not spend the money on it before hand. Have you already though of a faceup artist?

    1. Thank you! :D
      Sadly, I have no talent for making mockups. :(
      No, not yet. I would prefer someone in EU, men I might have to look outside again. :P

  2. It's awful when a sculpt doesn't fit the character you imagined, but it's nice when it turns out the sculpt fits another character! Sucks if you really wanted to shell the first character and could wait to shell the second one... Oh well, I hope it works out for you!

    1. Yeah, I was very disappointed. But luckily it ended well. Or at least I hope it will! :P