Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wishlist for Estelle

I know I just made one wishlist, but I went through my Estelle link folder and see what I wanted to buy for her, and felt like sharing.

SDGr Nono outfit. I'll have to find it second hand someday.

Musedoll Lolita Noir #3 

Angell-Studio outfit.

A pair of red glasses from TataBJD. Estelle needs red glasses.

A pair of pretty heels from Taobao.

For My Doll wig for Estelle's relaxed look.

Crobidoll wig for Estelle's natural look.

A pair of boots from Taoabo.

Another pair of boots from Taobao.


  1. I'm complete sure that I will let you pic the shoes for myself (not for my dolls) hahaha! Your taste is amazing! I love the SDGr Nono outfit too, I will try to make a skirt like that someday :3 I hope you can get everything you want for her soon! Is she already faceupped?

    1. Haha! :D Today I looked at Taobao again and found even more pretty heels for Estelle! She's gonna be so spoiled. :P
      Thank you. :) I love the Nono outfit too. It's been one of my grail outfits for a long time.
      She's at the face-up artist's right now, but I'm not sure she's even started to paint her yet. :<

  2. Love the look so far! And feel free to post more pictures of shoes. :D
    Also, how do you keep your wishlists organized?

    1. Thank you! :D Maybe I'll make a post with all the shoes I want somday?
      Is it organized? :o

  3. Estelle is going to get such a wonderful wardrobe! :3