Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10 Facts About Connor

Since I'm gonna order Connor really soon, I'm completely obsessed with him. I talk about him all the time to everyone who's polite enough to listen to me.
Connor is one of my five favorite characters of my own. 
So I wanted to share 10 facts about him. I'll try and do 10 facts about my other dolls too. 

1. Connor's birth name is Constance Palmer.
2. Connor is transgender. Even though he's born with female assigned body, he identifies as a man. 
3. Connor admired his grandmother a lot, even though, she was very strict and tried forcing him to behave more "normally". Eventually she ended up accepting him for who he is. 
4. Connor is mixed race, which means he has had to endure a lot of racism. 
5. Connor doesn't know his father. His father left before his mother was even aware, she was pregnant. She raised Connor as a single mother with help from the grandmother.
6. Connor drinks way too much and gambles, whenever he gets the chance. It's the reason why he almost never have money.
7. Connor has had a crush on Estelle ever since they were 13 years old, but has never confessed his feelings, fearing he could ruin their friendship.
8. Connor was mercilessly bullied in school because of him being transgender, mixed race and poor. 
9. Connor has a bad habit of boasting, which has gotten him into bar fights more often than you can count.
10. Connor might not seem like it, but he can be painfully shy, especially when it concerns his body. That's also why he hadn't had a lot of relationships.


  1. Nice facts!!! I like this list :3 I can't wait for you to get the doll :3 If you are going to mod the female body, are you going to order a light skin tone?

    1. Thank you! :) I want him so badly, I'm trying to sell whatever I can live without to fund him. He's so expensive. >_< But totally worth it!
      No, I'm still getting light brown, and I know it's gonna look bad, but I'm just not gonna show off his chest area. :P

    2. I see. I remember seeing one girl that showes up a broken LB leg at it was brown only on a thing layer on top, I don't know if they changed... maybe you can blush the modded part, to make its colour look like the original one!

    3. The girl who's gonna mod for me, did suggest to blush the modded parts, so I'll see if it can be fixed by that. :)

    4. That would be so awesome!! :3 Can't wait to see him :3 He will maybe arrive as a xmas present?