Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Iplehouse - Destroyer of dollie plans

My dolls plans was to buy an Iplehouse EID Jessica in real skin the 30th this month, but now Iplehouse has destroyed that plan.
Iplehouse released this new EID lady and as soon as I laid my eyes on her, I just doubted my choice for Connor. I know the face-up is off, but with a different one, I think she could make a kickass Connor! Just look at the blank photos. With the right face-up I think the sculpt could look smiling and friendly.
I'm almost 90% certain I'm gonna buy Rebecca. Now the problem is:
Do I want real skin or should I go for light brown instead?
Should I order the outfit?
What about the shot gun and pistol?

About the outfit. I love some of it, but not everything is something I can use. Connor would never have a top like that. And I'm unsure whether I can use it for future dolls. But the pants are so perfect. I've talked to a friend, though, who wants to buy some of the items I can't use, so I'm considering it.
And the shot gun and pistol... I can always use another pistol, haha. I'm not sure about the shot gun, but how often do you get the chance?
It's gonna be such an expensive order! 


  1. I love Rebecca!! The blank pics shows all of her potential! I'm sure that if you split the outfit, it won't be so expensive. Hope you can set your mind and get a doll-shell for Connor!

    1. Yep, the blank pictures won me over. :) It sounded like she was very interested, so I might go for it. I have been looking everywhere for pants for Connor and these are perfect!
      Thank you! I feel decided. :)

  2. Light Brown! Light Brown! Light Brown! I had an EID Lahela in light brown and it truly is a beautiful colour! The real skin is nice, too, but I LOVE the light brown?
    Lille_Aki has an EID Chase in real skin. It's a nice colour but personally I would probably rather go for the Golden Peach Thingy (can't remember the proper name and I'm in class now :P) or Light Brown.
    I hope to get an SID Lahela in light brown sometime this year or next.

    1. I'm very seriously considering it. I just don't feel the real skin is dark enough for the character. I know it's gonna be a mess, when I get his chest modded smaller, but he'll bind it anyway, so it'll hidden away. :P
      I have contacted 714 from Resin Garden. She has painted for me several times before, and her style is just perfect for Connor. I hope she'll decide to paint for me again. :)
      I hope you'll get your Lahela! Lahela is a gorgeous woman, and I think she'll fit in perfect with your girls!

    2. The light brown has a very nice "dark but not too dark" feel to it. It's darker than my other dark girls but it's not crazy dark. Personally I feel the ebony/dark tan/whatever from Iplehouse is too dark, but the light brown is just a perfect colour!
      You could always make scars on the sanded area :)

    3. I actually really love the ebony skin color, but it's not for this character. He's supposed to be mixed race and not a lot dark, but still dark, if you get it? I have other characters that are supposed to be a lot darker skinned. :) But it's also fine to have a preference!
      I don't know how to exactly go about it yet, but I'll figure it out, when I talk to the girl, who's gonna mod him. :)

    4. You're right! Each her own preferences :) I guess I don't like the ebony skin because I have no characters to fit it. I like the old dark tan from Iplehouse (I had a Cocori and her skin was just beautiful!). Also I don't like white skin for some reason. I've never been able to bond with a WS doll. It's very weird. Haha.
      I'm very excited to see Connor. He sounds like a cool character and I'm excited to see what you end up doing with him :)