Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reshelling Andrew and a new character?

So it all started, when I realized the sculpt I had picked for my character Lizzie wasn't going to work. I had wanted a Yeon Ho for her, but the more pictures I saw of it the more angry it looked, and I just don't think it would have worked.
So I started thinking what sculpt I wanted for her instead and I thought "Can't I get another Lance and use it as a girl?", but I'm just not interested in having two of the same sculpt.
But then I remember I had once said that if I should ever reshell Andrew an IOS Anos would be perfect, so I started considering, if I should reshell him.
Then I decided to try and see how the Lance sculpt would look with ginger hair and green eyes as Lizzie would have, and it looked to great.
I would of course get a new wig for her, because she needs another style.
So now I suddenly need yet another girl body.


  1. So nice idea!! Are you decided then? Will you redo the faceup on the Lance? It is a really nice sculpt to play as girl IMO :3

    1. Yes, I think I'm decided. :) She definitely needs another face-up and I've considered using Cats10 again. I really like Lance as a girl too, so I'm excited! :D

  2. Lance makes such a pretty girl! I can't wait to see how she will turn out in the end. :D And now that Andrew will be a Anos, him and Takumi will be even more similar. XD

    1. It does! Now I'm all set for focusing on getting her done, even though I have other projects to do before. Haha.
      Yeah, but Andrew will be much taller than Taku-chin. Haha. :P