Monday, October 28, 2013

10 facts about Gerda

I had a photo of Gerda, I never got around to share, so I thought I could post my 10 facts about her.

1. Gerda is a former soldier. Her parents paid a lot of money to free her from the military and get her home again after her older sister disappeared. Gerda still misses the military life.
2. She can sleep anywhere and anytime. 
3. She stole the griffin she used to have in the military and brought him with her to Larika. When she returns to Karr, she'll have to face prison time for it.
4. Gerda loves inventing stuff, even if it mostly doesn't work. She has a thing for gadgets.
5. She loves children more than anything. She relates to them better than adults. 
6. She have no sense of putting together colors. She'll mix and match everything colorful. The more colors the more happy she'll be.
7. Her favorite clothes are shorts and a top, but the weather in Larika is too cold for that.
8. She is the strongest member of Team Galega. No one has won a fight against her yet. 
9. She consider Robin and Darin to be some of her best friends.
10. Gerda's favorite color is yellow, which also happens to be the national color of her home land Karr. 


  1. Yay for another 10 facts!! Love this series so much!

    I really like the pic of Gerda, she has so much attitude and personality on it! The 10 facts seemed really cool, now I get why you once where interested on putting together a griffin-like doll! This facts were nice but they open up so many things about the stories (like the Team Galega thing) and this makes me want to read the full story even more. I really hope you will share it with us, someday.

    1. I'm so happy people are actually reading them!

      Thank you! :) I think I captured her in the picture.
      Yes! I would love to have her Griffin someday. :D
      I'm not sure, if I can share the actual story, but I thought about writing an AU with the same characters and posting it online for people to read.. :)