Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Current doll plans

I thought I would explain what I'm doing right now doll-wise, and what my plans for the near future is.
As you may know, I've bought Connor, Iplehouse EID Rebecca, on layaway. It's my priority to pay him off.
When Connor, some time next year, arrives, I'm gonna ship him off to a face-up. I've talked to a girl in Finland about painting him, but I need to confirm with her, that she wishes to do it.
I want him modded too, but I want to see him with the face-up, before I judge, if I wanna risk the mod. When the body is modded, I'm gonna have a hard time selling him, if I decides the sculpt is wrong.

I've also contacted a seller on DoA regarding a SQLabs 61cm girl body. I asked for a layaway and she agreed. I'm gonna send her first payment tomorrow. This body will be for Lizzie, my Crobidoll Lance head. I think I may have an outfit, if it can fit on the body, that would be okay for her character. I want a new face-up for her though. I have a hard time seeing the character right now, because I've used this exact face-up for another character. I've decided I want Cats10 to paint her, but I'm waiting to get a slot until my friend is ready, since she wants a slot with Cats10 too, so why not save on shipping?

Just randomly, I decided I wanted to get a face-up for Adam, my Roserindoll Dino Growth head. I've never done anything with the doll, but I just bought a wig for him, and that got me into the mood for beginning to complete him. I got a slot with Shin from Spain. Her style is very great for Adam, I think I'm gonna love the result.
Hopefully after Christmas, I can do more to complete him. I wanna get a body for him and Darin to share, some clothes and a pair of urethane eyes.

That's pretty much what I'm up to now. I have lots of smaller things I need to do to, but they're not worth mentioning.


  1. Nice list! I think it is pretty nice to settle down this way. I also think that modding the EID will lower the value of reselling it, so to me it is the perfect decision. Good luck with all the faceup commissions, I hope they will all turn OK!

    1. Thank you! :)
      It's definitely a risky mod, but if the head turns out perfect, I want it, no doubt. :P
      Thanks! I hope so too. :D