Saturday, November 9, 2013

10 facts about Grace

1. Grace was born and raised in one of the Safe Villages that belong to NG.
2. Grace, unlike many other of her kind, was able to get an education.
3. Grace has an older sister, who's always been the center of attention, so Grace is used to not being noticed.
4. Grace is shy and meek and seeks to please whoever she's talking to.
5. Grace is a crybaby. Especially when people yell at her, she'll break into tears.
6. Grace can't stand blood.
7. Grace is absolutely a fan of romance novels. She'll bring them to work and catch a few pages, whenever she thinks Hunter won't notice.
8. Grace has never dated.
9. Grace adopted a lot of her parents values and she's never really tried forming her own opinion.
10. Grace is afraid of a lot of things like the dark, spiders and heights, but her worst fear is actually upsetting Hunter. She's literally scared of him.


  1. Ohhh she is so lovely!!! The 10 facts that so far I've loved the most. She is adorable! Keep going with this 10 facts, I really like to read them :3

    1. Thank you! :D
      It's funny you like these facts, because Grace is just a minor character in the story. But I have a soft spot for her, since she gets treated badly by most people she's surrounded by. :P
      I've prepared 10 facts for most of my dolls, and I'll post them once in a while. :D So there will definitely be more!