Saturday, November 16, 2013

10 facts about Nadine

I just got a picture today of Nadine. It's an old picture, but it's been on my bestie's computer forever.
It's not the best pictures, but considering how rarely Nadine gets shared, I want to show her off.
Thanks to Maria for helping me with the picture and lending me her camera.
And here's Nadines 10 facts.

1. Nadine's parents went against their families and married.
2. Nadine's parents used to be friends with Robin's parents. The girls also ended up being friends.
3. Nadine lost her father when she was 5.
4. Nadine's mother has a bad illness, that makes her unable to work. Nadine's father supported the family. When he died, they became very poor.
5. Nadine started getting ignored by her classmates. Even Robin. To this day, Nadine hates Robin.
6. Nadine and her mother almost starved for several months.
6. Nadine had to drop out of school due to lack of money.
7. Nadine got an idea. She sold her body and her company to an old, rich man. He provided everything for Nadine and her mother.
8. Nadine never told her mother how she got the money. She lied for years.
9. Nadine got back to school determined to get the best possible education, so she could provide for her mother and herself.
10. Nadine got hard because of all this. She decided to never get friends again, even less a romantic partner. She sleeps around sometimes, but nothing more. The only person she cares for is her mother.


  1. Awww, these facts are so sad. :( Poor Nadine, she just needs a big hug with lots of love. <3

  2. Poor girl! Nice facts, I love how all of your dolls are so planned story-wise :3
    Keep going, love to read this!