Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Character Bio Grace

Full name: Grace Atkins
Pronunciation: grais - AT-kins
Nickname(s) or Alias: None
Gender: Girl
Species: Half human, half fae.
Age: 19
Birthday: July 7th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Larikanian
Religion: Atheist
City or town of birth: Birchbury
Currently lives: Willsburg
Languages spoken: Larikanian
Native language: Larikanian
Relationship Status: Single. 
Height: 160cm
Weight: 55kg
Figure/build: Slender
Hair colour: Black
Hairstyle: Bob cut
Eye colour: Deep, dark blue
Skin/fur/etc colour:  Medium pale skin
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars/distinguishing marks: None
Preferred style of clothing: Cute, colorful clothes. Hoodies, leggins, skirts, tshirts.
Frequently worn jewellery: Sometimes wears necklaces.
Smoker? No
Drinker? No
Drug User? Which? No
Addictions: Nothing
Allergies: None
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None
Any medication regularly taken: No
Personality: Grace is a very quiet, meek girl. She seeks to please everyone and gets uncomfortable if she can't. She wants people to like her and have a hard time, when they don't. She is very naive and oldfashioned, but also hard-working and trustworthy. 
Likes: Cute things, reading romance novels, flowers. 
Dislikes: Arguements, thunder, Hunter.
Fears/phobias: Hunter.
Favourite colour: Pastel colors.
Hobbies: Reading, arranging her room, going for walks in the nature, writing. 
Taste in music: Calm music.
Talents/skills: Is not a bad writer.
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? N/A
Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Herbivore
Favourite food(s): Salads with lots of tomatoes
Favourite drink(s): Juice
Disliked food: Meat
Disliked drinks: Alcohol
Describe the character’s house/home: Grace live in a shared house with team Helleborus. She has a small room, but considering she'd never had her own room before, she's thrilled. She has a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, a desk and her bookcase. Her room is bright and there's a big window, from where she can see the nearby hill and forrest. The rest of the house is small too. There is a room for Hunter, and Tahir, when he's staying, a room for Scarlet, a room called "Scarlet's playground", where Scarlet gets the needed information from their captures, a shared toilet and a shared kitchen. 
Significant/special belongings: Her book collection.
Level of education: She received lessons in math, Larikanian and history by the school system Jack made for Faes. 
Qualifications: She's really good at reading, writing and organizing.
Current job title and description: She's assistant for Hunter, and helps read and organize all the information they get.
Name of employer: Hunter
Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Peaceful.
Fighting skills/techniques: N/A
Special skills/magical powers/etc: She can produce small, very short illussions, but she isn't very skilled.
Weapon of choice (if any): None
Weaknesses in combat: Is way too peaceful to fight. She's a pacifist.
Strengths in combat: N/A
Parents names: ???/???.
Are parents alive or dead? Both alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents? Yes, she exchange letters with them and see them at the yearly summer festival.
Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Older sister. She loves her sister a lot.
Other Important Relatives: ???.
Partner/Spouse: None.
Children: No.
Best Friend: Doesn't have a best friend.
Other Important Friends: Tahir.
Acquaintances: Scarlet, Hunter, Lizzie.
Pets: She had three dogs at her parents place, but Hunter won't let her keep pets.
Enemies? Why are they enemies? None in particular
Describe their childhood (newborn – age 10): Grace was born in one of the rebellions safe villages. Even though her mother was a human, they all lived together. Jack had made sure, there would be a school in all the villages, simple, but very important still. Grace learned to read, write, do math and understand the history of her people. Grace had an older sister, who was very different from her. Where Grace was shy and quiet, her sister was social and charming. It made Grace feel overlooked, but she never felt jealous about it. As time went on she got used to being in the shadow.
Describe their  teenage years (11 – 19): Grace led a very quiet and simple life. School and family was her priority. She didn't really have any friends. She found a love for books though, and discovered how much she liked the romance genre.
When she was 19, she got offered a job as an assistant at team Helleborus. This was the first time she ever left her village, except for the summer festival. It was a pure shock.
She got terrible homesick, when she arrived, and even though she was used to not having friends, she felt very alone. But she got quite fond of Tahir and got a crush on him. The only one to notice was Scarlet, who decided she wanted to see how that would play out in silence.
Hunter, however, was not a nice boss. More like a nightmare, actually. He demanded way too much of her and yelled at her until she would cry.
Grace would seek comfort in her books, because the only other person there was Scarlet, who also scared her.
Whenever Tahir stayed there, though, he would be so nice to her and even help her.
She wouldn't admit defeat, so she tried her hardest and stayed at her job.
Describe their  adult years (20+): Not 20 yet.


  1. Love this! Definitely Grace and Connor are my favs so far! As always, love to read the bios!! :3