Friday, November 8, 2013

Last change to my doll family this year!

And this time I promise it!
A girl in Denmark, decided to switch all the SDs out for tinies, so she put up her bigger dolls for sale. I've always loved her Peak's Wood Wake Up Cue, what can I say, I just adore Peak's Wood. But this doll even had a really nice face-up, that I could use for a character, and because of some uneven yellowing, the doll was very affordable. I think she wanted $330 for her.
So my mother helped me out, and the seller agreed to a short layaway.
I intend to use Wake Up Cue for Madeleine instead of the Elfdoll Lydia, who didn't fit that well, thanks to a too dark skin color.
I'll use Elfdoll Lydia for Asmaa instead. Robin's best friend. I've looked around for light tanned/dark normal skin bodies, but so far I've decided to stick to a Iplehouse nYID girl body in real skin for her.
I want brown eyes for her, and a dreadlock wig, and some tank tops, cargo pants and other cool stuff.

But before I'll even start that project, I'll buy a body to share between Adam and Darin. That'll happen next year though, I promise!


  1. Another incoming dolly!! Wow!! I really admire you! Congrats on getting her, a similar situation happened to me, but I can't afford the price the girl is asking. Anyway, I hope she will be home soon, and that you will be able to finish all the dolls :3

    Please, post more pics! Your dolls are gorgeous to see!

    1. I'm just addicted to dolls. XD Thank you! Ow, too bad you couldn't afford her. Maybe she'll be there, when you've gathered the money?
      Yes, I need to finish my dolls! Haha.

      I mostly post pictures on Instagram, but I'll try and remember to post some here too. :P

  2. The seller's one of my good friends (and former roommate) so I have seen the doll so many times. She's really pretty and nice but personally I don't like the Peak's Wood body (probably because it's not a Volks SD16 body which to me is the best body out there :P).
    I can't wait to see your version :D

    1. I didn't know, you know the seller! o: Interesting.
      I've only tried the FoC body, and I don't even know which body is included, but the FoC is okayish in my opinion. :P
      Thank you! I hope my Nine9style order will be here soon. :D