Friday, November 1, 2013

Waiting for more stuff

I ended up buying more stuff. Most of it is from Taobao.
Here it is:

Maria showed me this dress a while back, and not only is it so pretty, but it's really cheap. I decided to get it for Lizzie, since I'm paying for her body right now, so she needs something that would fit her.  

Because I wanted the dress, I needed a pair of shoes to go with it, and I decided on white, but I only have one pair of heels in white, and it's my resin shoes, so I needed to get a pair. 

I just found this wig at random. I thought of Hunter (future doll), when I saw it. He's supposed to have slightly curly brown hair. Maria warned me that she had bought a wig from the shop that should have been curly, but arrived without curls, but I'm taking my chance. 

These were pretty random too. I need some hair bands to style my dolls' hair, but I couldn't think of anywhere to buy any small enough, and boom, Taobao sells these. Kinda lucky. 

Lizzie doesn't have a wig yet, and I wanted a style similar to Estelle's, so I tried Monique, and found this one. I bought it in the same color as in the photo. 

For Lizzie's new outfit, I wanted to complete it with a cardigan. Because the shoes are white, I went with the white one. 


  1. Wow that blue dress is stunning! Really good taste, as always! I hope everything will arrive safe and sound to you, and that you will take lots of pictures for us to drool over :3

  2. So many fine things as usual. :D I can't wait to see the dress from Helleborus. I want it in so many of the colours they have. xD

    1. Thank you! :3 If the Helleborus dress is nice, I may have to order it in more colors. Haha.

  3. Especially love the cardigan, but the dress and shoes are very nice too. n_n
    Overall great buys!

    1. I hope the outfit is gonna look okay all together. I'm not that good at putting together an outfit. :P
      Thank you! I hope it'll all arrive soon, so I can show off my girl in it. :D