Sunday, November 10, 2013

Waiting for + near future wishlist

I wanted to show off the new stuff I've bought and show off the next couple of things I want to buy, so I thought, why don't do both at the same time.

First I made a tiny Nine9 order in celebrating of starting the layaway for Madeleine.
I found this wig and thought it would be an okay start for Madeleine. Like Estelle, she'll probably also need more. 

I bought this hairband in gold. 

And another pair of Make eyes. For Madeleine.  She and Estelle is gonna look more like sisters, while Charlotte won't look as much like them. 

And on to my wishlist

I want this one for Madeleine. It was actually Maria who suggested it and I think it would fit her personality great. 

It's almost embarrasing how much time has passed since I received Grace and I still haven't bought a pair of proper eyes for her. I want these ED eyes. 

I found these hairbands randomly and they're so cute! I want one in brown and one in the dark red color. 

This, too, was something Maria showed me and I was in love instantly! I want this for Connor. 

And you know me, it wouldn't be right, if I didn't wanted a pair of heel shoes, now would it? 
These shoes came in a lot of colors, but I want them in purple, because I don't have any purple shoes yet.


  1. As always... the heels OMG!!!! I really loved the wishlist and the whole purchase!! Hope everything will arrive soon :3

    1. I love how I can always fangirl shoes with you! Haha.
      Thank you. :) I hope I'll be able to buy the things this year. :D

    2. I love that too!! Now my accesories wishlist consist mainly on heels hahaha