Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More orders incoming

I got tempted yet again, so this is a list over the items I've bought.

First I ordered a little something from Taobao (again).
I haven't actually got it comfirmed yet, but I hope to get it all.

After I received Madeleine, I noticed how much I lacked SD10 shoes. I have maybe 2-3 pairs. So I found these and I liked the conservative look. It would match Madeleine's personality.

Now I'm unsure if I should ask to have this bow removed from my order. I thought it was SD size, but the text said something about several sizes, so if it's MSD, I don't want it. 
It's sad, because I wanted it for Gwen so badly. Her weapon of choice is bow and arrows. 

I bought this set in blue for Robin. Robin's favorite color is blue and I wanted a cute bra for her.

I got these in gray. Also for Robin. I can better imagine her in boxers than panties.

This one I got for a doll I don't have home anymore, but I'm gonna buy her again. Rachel and Damian are doctors.

Maria told me Tata had SD16 shoes luckybags, so I placed a small order from Boulevard BJD.

2 X luckybags. I should get 4 pairs of random SD16 girl shoes. 

After I got Madeleine home, I also realized I'm almost out of outfits for the girls. So I ordered this dress in black for her. I was thinking of using my white cardigan with it. 

Another thing for a future doll. Hunter has a necklace with a dogtag in my story and when I saw it on Boulevard BJD I thought "why not buy it before it gets sold out?" 


  1. Such a nice purchase, congrats! Hope that you will get everything. Can't wait to see the random shoes you will get, will you take pics of them, please?

    1. Thank you dear! :)
      Sure, I'll get a picture for you. I hope it'll be some shoes I like! :P