Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New character ramble

I know, I should try and forget about my next project for a while, but I'm just want to shell them sooo badly!
My problem is where to get all these skin colors. Most companies only offer tan skin in limited periods, so I have trouble finding sculpts for them. Any suggestions would be very welcome!

I'm gonna show you my character from the story "Soldiers of Karr" and tell a bit about them.

Zuri - She's one of the women who trains the young soldiers in the military. She can seem very loud and hot-tempered, but she's also very caring and loyal. She's supposed to have lost her left leg from the knee below. It's gonna be interesting to see, how I'll manage to do that in doll form.
I've found what I feel is the perfect sculpt for her. An Iplehouse Aaliyah in light brown skin. I want her on the EID girl body. I would definitely get a custom face-up for her, since I don't like the one Iplehouse offers.

Ayo - The oldest of the five main characters, and the first viewpoint the story follows. Ayo is a calm, loving and understanding girl. The other four girls always turn to her, whenever they're in need of someone to listen and give hugs.
I have looked very hard to find a sculpt for her. Iplehouse was my first idea, because they offer the ebony skin tone, but none of the sculpts looked right. As of now, I have no sculpt planned for her. I would want one in as dark a skin color as possible, around 60-62cm tall and not too skinny.

Martha - You may remember my girl Gerda from my current project? Martha is her older sister. I don't know a lot about her yet, except she's a warm and happy person.
I  haven't thought a lot about which sculpt to get for her yet, but I want a doll in normal skin around 60-62cm tall.

Malika - A girl people often misjudge due to her appearence. She's a very girly girl, but she's also very intelligent and knows how to win a debate wether she's actually right or not. She's a master at sarcasm and sass.
Again I need a doll that can be bought in tanned. This tanned should be around a light tan. Also 60-62cm.

Sa'adat - The most boyish of them all. Full of energy and will-power. I don't know a lot about her yet.
Again I want a light tan doll around 56-58cm.

Kanya - One of my dearest characters from this story. Kanya was assigned male at birth, but has always identified as a girl. She's very insecure, depressed and is very soft-spoken.
Now the most difficult about this character is that she's supposed to have a male body. I need one around 60-63cm. I really want a face with asian features, as I've based her on the idea of a Thai person. I would prefer a very light tan, but a dark normal skin would be okay too. The asian features are the most important thing.

Raquel - A very energic and impulsive girl. Her biggest passion is dragons, which she'll read and talk about all the time.
So far I've considered that she should be an Iplehouse doll, since I think the real skin would look great for her. Other suggestions are very welcome though. Again around 60-62cm.

Asibi - Very new character. She's an intelligent and warm girl.
Again I want a very dark tanned doll around 60-62cm.

Agnes - Another of the women who train the girls. Can seem very harsh, but is actually just concerned with preparing the girls for battle properly, so they won't die. More boyish than girly.
I haven't given any thoughts to what I could use for her. I'm thinking a normal skin girl around 65cm.

Feray - The newest character I've made. She's the one in charge of the griffins and teach the girls who to control them. She's an airhead, very funny and friendly.
Again I haven't given any thoughts as to what I want her as. I'm thinking light tan girl around 65cm.

And that's all the characters I have so far in that story.
I made the country "Karr" multi-ethnic, and I'm enjoying adding characters inspired from all over the world.
But yeah, any ideas for sculpts would be very welcome!


  1. I'm not good at suggesting sculpts, but I've seen that Luts offer quite a lot different skin colors now. Their Senior Delf girls are pretty ;)
    But great characters you've come up with! I would read that story :D

    1. Thanks a lot for the suggestion! I forgot to mention, I had had a look at Luts, because they do have some nice light tans, but I was unsure if any of their sculpts would look okay for my characters. :P
      Awwww, thank you so much! It means a lot to me, that you would say that. :)

  2. Love the dolly plans!!

    Well, maybe for Ayo that is the darker one of all, you could try Ebony skin at Iplehouse.

    I think that asian-like dolls are the most, I have some female sculpt suggestions for the face, since you can always order them with the male body: from Angell-Studio you have Cinderella, Miss-Butterfly, QingXue, Qinglin and Qing yin (the 'solid' option in the resin is non-french, regular resin). You can always go back to Iple's Asa or Soa.

    Also, I know Withdoll is launching a new 60cm girl soon, and they have always a lot of skin tones in offer.

    BTW, lovely story, I also would love to read it!

    1. Yeah, I can only think of Iplehouse, when thinking that dark a skin color. I know Dollshe offers it too, but isn't it all boys?

      Your suggestions are really great, but I need a male body, and I can't buy most of them as heads. :( Maybe I can find a head secondhand someday, though?

      They are? I'm gonna look very much forward to that!

      Thanks dear! :)

  3. For Kanya I think a Iplehouse Asa on the nYID boy body could be a good solution.

    I love hearing/reading about your characters! :D

    1. I had already thought "Asa is so pretty, but a girl. Too bad", but I forgot about the Doll Choice! It's definitely something I'll keep in mind. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

      Thanks a lot! I hope to read more about your characters too. :D