Friday, January 31, 2014

Unexpected purchase

I was going to save up for my next doll, but I talked to my mother and we agreed buying using layaway instead, because I would have a much shorter waiting time.
So I ordered an Iplehouse SID Giorgio in real skin with face-up B.
He's going to be one of my dearest characters Tahir.
Giorgio has been on my wishlist forever. I think ever since he was released, actually. And I've always been more or less sure, he was going to be Tahir. The sculpt is just perfect for him.

In the near future I have to place an order from FreedomTeller for some clothes for him. So far I'm sure I need cardigans. Lots of cardigans!


  1. Oh my goodness you are finally getting him!!! Congrats my dear!!!! :3 I'm so happy for you!
    So he could arrive at July/August, then? Congrats!

    1. I've been talking about him for so long, but now it doesn't feel real! Like I can't comprehend I have him on layaway. Haha. :P
      I pay the last payment in may, and my two last Iplehouse layaways shipped the day after the last payment, so I hope they do this time too :D but we'll see

  2. Congratulations x3 IH dolls are so amazingly gorgeous >o<

    1. Thanks! Iplehouse is my favorite company, and I just adore most of their dolls :3