Thursday, February 27, 2014

10 facts about Gwen + photos

So I was bored and went through my old photos. I've already posted some from this shoot, but I wanted to try my hand at editing them myself.
I realized I never posted 10 facts about Gwen, so I've just written some.

1. Gwen is from a neighbour country to Larika, called Twallish. Twallish is in civil war and it has been hard for the poorest in society. Gwen's family nearly starved.
2. Gwen left Twallish at age 22 to create a better life in Larika. She smuggled her way into Larika, but she had no job, no family, no status, so she lived in the streets and survived by stealing food.
3. Gwen was found by Fatimah. Fatimah brought Gwen home, providing her with food. Gwen thanked Fatimah by joining Castanea.
4. Gwen started to suffer from anxiety, when she was 22. Fatimah asked Damian, if he could obtain the medicin to help Gwen, which he was able to thanks to Donna.
5. Gwen turned out quiet skilled at fighting, but she prefers bow and arrows, so she can keep a distance.
6. Gwen found an old tomcat and kept him as a pet. She named him "Hyena".
7. Gwen is horrible at dealing with affection. She gets easily embarrased.
8. Gwen hates crowdy places. Too many people will stress her out and that can lead to anxiety attacks for her.
9. Gwen collects things. All kind of things. She doesn't like throwing out stuff. She was raised in a family that didn't have a lot of anything, so everything was valuable to them.
10. Gwen speaks with a heavy accent. She didn't knew a word Larikanian before arriving in the country.


  1. Such an interesting character! Really thought trough. ^^
    I've been so fortunate to see her irl, and she is absolutely gorgeous! Her faceup is just amazing and makes her have a really drawing and very powerful look about her. :)
    Hope to see more of her in the future :D

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words! Really, it made me happy. :)
      Yes, the face-up was what made me want her in the first place. It's a really amazing face-up and I feel so lucky, Anne was kind enough to let me buy her. :)
      I'll definitely share my girl again. :D

  2. She is so interesting! Loved the 10 facts and the pictures, specially the last one. I would love to read your story, all of your characters seam so cool and interesting.