Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Iplehouse nYID Oscar

So Iplehouse released this boy just recently. 
My first impression was "meh". But I kept seeing him on Tumblr, and I started thinking "I could use him for Hunter". 
But the problem is he is one of the Addiction dolls, so as far as I know, he'll only be released again in the DCS. The dolls I want from the DCS are dolls I'm gonna push into the far future, and I can't bear the thought of not buying him sooner, so I went over my options. 
As it is now, I'm already paying off one doll from Iplehouse, so I can't just afford him like that, but I decided to try and put up a doll for sale, I rarely use. If I end up selling the doll, I may be able to bring him home on a layaway. 
Everything also depends on how much money I have left over next month, though, but I really hope I can buy him. 


  1. I saw him on Iple's site, he is so amazing!! Hope you can get him home soon!

    1. I ended up finding a buyer for the doll I had put up for sale, so it seems like I'm gonna be able to bring him home on layaway next month. :D

  2. Huntaaaaaah! <3
    I just went to Iple's website to take a look at him again and I think he would make a great Hunter. :D Will you buy him with one of the face-ups?

    1. My babbu ToT <3
      You think? Your opinion means so much to me! :D
      I like both of the face-ups, but I'm not in love with how dark brown the lips are in the B type, so I'm thinking of choosing A type. :)